Our products

All our products are elaborated from grapes with a Penedés certificate of origin, except for the Grenache grape, which comes from Terra Alta, close to the mouth of Ebro, the most abundant river in Spain.

On the other hand, we only use, as raw material for our elaboration, Mosto Flower, that is to say, the result of the first pressing; thus, among other benefits, we avoid the undesired methyl alcohol, which is responsible of the consequences of a heady drink. Apart from this well known effect, using flower must gives other advantages, such as a pleasant organoleptic sensing and a healthy experience.


Within the subtleness which each product can present (for example, it is recommended to combine meat dishers with Cava Reserva), we have elaborated our products with the intention of them being able to accompany all types of food.

For that reason, we get rid of all added sugars, which are not part of the fermentation process. Without trying to replace other wines or liquors, we are convinced that we can provide you with a very rich sensation and experience, whether in your celebrations or in your daily life.

In this regard, we invite all of those who are not in the habit, to try any of our cavas with a starter or main course; it is highly probable that you will be pleasantly surprised and will repeat the experience in the future.



Although it is our desire for you to enjoy our cavas and wines throughout the year, it is evident that the periods for the biggest celebrations (Christmas, open-air dances), increase consumption considerably. We recommend fervently that you place orders for such periods as early as possible.

If you require a cava with added sugar (Brut, Semi-dry,,,), we can also supply that to you. In such case, due to being unusual orders, we kindly ask you to get in contact with us in order to determine the price and delivery time.

Given our efforts to ease the access of our products to anyone interested, our prices will never be an obstacle in getting one of our cavas or wines on your table.

As practical recommendations, it is important to bear in mind that cavas will not improve with age. Although still consumable, their qualities will start to degrade after one year; therefore, it is recommended to drink them before that time frame.

As for its conservation, the most important thing to bear in mind is keeping it in a place where there are no big temperature variations.